Instructions to Presenters on Preparation of Abstracts.

We will prepare a printed booklet of abstracts for each registrant. We have made an Abstract submission template to complete with your Title. Author(s) and affiliation(s), and abstract. You may include images and graphs in the space provided (the abstract booklet will be printed in black and white so use colour judiciously). The template includes a space at the bottom that is left blank, so there is space for delegates to make notes below the abstract.

For consistency and ease of reading please use the Times New Roman 11 point font that is the default for the boxes on the form.

To complete the form,

  1. replace the explanatory text (eg “Enter your title here”) with the relevant text for your abstract. Author list and affiliation should be in the format like this:
  2. If your title or author/affiliations run are more than 2 lines, note this when sending your completed template and we will adjust the box sizes on the page to fit the necessary text.
  3. Delete the first page that contains these instructions
  4. Save the file with a title in the format “RDU-your-surname.docx
  5. Email the document file to enquiries@rdu.uom.org.au

Many thanks for your participation.

Marilyn, Kirsty, Andy and Geoff

Download Abstract Template