RDU Programme

August 12-14, 2014


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8:30 9:00 Registration
9:00 9:20 Introduction Geoff Shaw, Andrew Pask, Kirsty Short
Conservation and contraception
Chair: Kathy Belov
9:20 9:45 Sex to die for! Peter Temple-Smith
9:45 10:10 Koalas, echidnas and wombat conservation Steve Johnston
10:10 10:35 Biotechnology for conservation of wild mammals Thomas Hildebrandt
10:35 11:05 Tea & Coffee
Development and diapause
Chair: John Hearn
11:05 11:30 Embryonic diapause: a developmental breather Geoff Shaw
11:30 11:50 How to stop and restart an embryo: diapause around the world Jane Fenelon
11:50 12:10 Doing it differently: specification in the absence of an inner cell mass Stephen Frankenberg
12:10 12:35 The dynamic placenta Claire Roberts
12:35 13:35 LUNCH
Genomic Imprinting
Chair: Jenny Graves
13:35 14:00 Genomic imprinting in eutherians and marsupials Anne Ferguson-Smith
14:00 14:25 Emergence of novel CpG islands and genomic imprinting in mammalian evolution Shunsuke Suzuki
14:25 14:50 imprinting in the placenta Mike O’Neill
14:50 15:50 Tea & Coffee and POSTERS
15:50 16:15 Acquired traits in mammals: genomic imprinting and roles of LTR retrotransposon-derived genes Fumi Ishino and Tomoko Kaneko-Ishino
16:15 16:30 Genomic imprinting in mammary glands Jessica Stringer
Growth and lactation
Chair: Thomas Hildebrandt
16:30 16:55 Marvels of marsupial milk Kevin Nicholas
16:55 17:10 Comparative lactation of seals and tammars Elizabeth Pharo
17:10 17:25 the growth axis and lactation Jenni Hetz & Brandon Menzies
17:25 17:50 The Top End – Pituitary Perspectives John Hearn
17:50 18:30 free time
18:30 21:30

Tweed Heads Pub


Marsupial and Monotreme Genetics and Genomics
Chair: Peter Temple Smith
8:30 8:55 Epigenetics and sex determination; the mechanism of TSD at last? Jenny graves
8:55 9:20 Sex chromosomes of monotremes Frank Grutzner
9:20 9:45 Genomics of non-model organisms Asao Fujiyama
9:45 10:10 Marsupial Chromosomics: bridging the gap between genomes and chromosomes Janine Deakin
10:10 10:35 Tea & Coffee
10:35 11:00 Centromere evolution and function in marsupials Rachel J O’Neill
11:00 11:25 Comparative genomics of mars and mono Paul Waters
11:25 11:50 Immune receptor innovation captured in marsupial and monotreme genomes Rob Miller
11:50 12:15 A devil of a problem Prof Kathy Belov
12:15 13:20 LUNCH
Sex and Reproduction session I
Chair: Andy Pask
13:20 13:45 Balance of the Sexes Blanche Capel
13:45 14:10 Making a (eutherian) male Robin Lovell-Badge
14:10 14:35 SRY: Getting the ball rolling Peter Koopman
14:35 15:00 Gonads and germ cells Humphrey Yao
15:00 16:00 Tea & Coffee and POSTERS
Sex and Reproduction Session 2
Chair: Geoff Shaw
16:00 16:25 A new candidate gene for disorders/differences of sex development Dagmar Wilhelm
16:25 16:50 An essential function for a lonely Sox Jo Bowles
16:50 17:15 Gonadal sex reversal Andrew Pask
17:15 17:30 Pluripotency and marsupials and monotremes Deanne Whitworth
17:30 18:30 Free time
18:30 21:30



Sex and Reproduction Session 3
Chair: Geoff Shaw
9:00 9:25 Insights from targeted gene sequencing of a large international cohort of patients with Disorders of Sex Development Andrew Sinclair
9:25 9:50 The importance of anti-Mullerian hormone in reproduction Nathalie Josso
9:50 10:15 Development: bats, mice and marsupials Richard Behringer
10:15 10:40 Molecular mechanisms of external genitalia formation; an emerging model for hormone-induced organogenesis Gen Yamada
10:40 11:10 Tea & Coffee
Final Session
Chair: Kirsty Short
11:10 11:50 Reproduction Down Under Marilyn Renfree
11:50 12:15 Summary of Meeting John Funder
12:15 13:30 Close of Meeting and Lunch


Coding and non-coding RNAs in the phallus are affected by androgen- and oestrogen-induced sex-reversal in a marsupial

Yu Chen, Hongshi Yu, Andrew J Pask, Keng Yih Chew, Geoff Shaw and Marilyn B Renfree

The effect of reproductive hormones on the plasma membrane transformation in the uterus of the fat tailed dunnart (Sminthopsis crassicaudata)

Jessica S. Dudley, Michael B. Thompson, Christopher Murphy, Bronwyn McAllan

Is ALDH1A1 the link between androgens and spermatogenic onset?

Nadia Edelsztein, Chun-Wei Feng, Helena Schteingart, Rodolfo Rey, Josephine Bowles

Changes In Gene Expression Throughout The Course Of Lactation In A Model Marsupial, Monodelphis Domestica

Bethaney Fehrenkamp, and Robert D. Miller

Reproduction in the Monito del Monte
(Dromiciops gliroides), a close relative of Australian marsupial species

Jennifer Hetz, Juan Luis Celis, Tamara Keeley & Marilyn B Renfree

Superovulation in carnivorous marsupials; a compensatory reproductive strategy in response to poor male or poor female fertility? Evaluation of the Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) as a case study

Tamara Keeley & Leon Hughes

Uterine remodelling during pregnancy in Monodelphis domestica: implications for mammalian placental evolution

Melanie K. Laird, Victoria L. Hansen, Bronwyn M. McAllan, Christopher R. Murphy, Michael B. Thompson

Unravelling marsupial X inactivation with shRNA knockdowns

Kim McIntyre

Wnt signalling and vaginal epithelial stem/progenitor cells

Ayesha Ali and Pradeep S. Tanwar