Confirmed Speakers

Delegate Provisional title
Prof Richard Behringer (USA) Development: bats, mice and marsupials
Prof Kathy Belov (Australia) A Devil of a problem
Dr Keng Yih Chew (Australia) Molecular control of Phallus and limbs
Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith (UK) Genomic imprinting in eutherians and marsupials
Dr Stephen Frankenberg (Australia) Doing it differently: specification in the absence of an inner cell mass
Prof Asao Fujiyama (Japan) Genomics of non-model organisms
Prof Frank Grützner (Australia) Birth and Death of Mammalian Sex Chromosomes
Dr Kath Handasyde (Australia) Stopping koalas eating themselves out of house and home
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hildebrandt (Germany) Conservation in wild animals
Prof Fumitoshi Ishino (Japan) Acquired traits by acquired genes in mammalian evolution: LTR retrotransposon-derived genes in marsupials and eutherians
A/Prof Steve Johnston (Australia) Koalas, echidnas and wombat conservation
Prof Nathalie Josso (France) The importance of anti-Mullerian hormone in reproduction
Prof Peter Koopman (Australia) SRY: Getting the ball rolling
Prof Robin Lovell-Badge (UK) Making a (eutherian) male
Adjunct Prof Kevin Nicholas (Australia) Marsupial milk; identifying bioactives for development of the neonate
Prof Rachel O’Neill (USA) Centromere evolution and function in marsupials
A/Prof Andrew Pask (Australia) Convergent carnivore evolution: the Thylacine genome
Dr Elizabeth Pharo (Australia) Comparative lactation of marsupials and eutherians
Prof Marilyn Renfree (Australia) tba
Prof Geoff Shaw (Australia) Embryonic diapause: a developmental breather
Prof Roger Short (Australia) Meeting summary
Dr Jess Stringer (Australia) Genomic imprinting in mammary glands
Dr Shunsuke Suzuki (Japan) Emergence of novel CpG islands and genomic imprinting in mammalian evolution
Prof Peter Temple-Smith (Australia) Sex to die for!
Prof Gen Yamada (Japan) Molecular mechanisms of external genitalia formation; an emerging model for hormone-induced organogenesis
Dr Humphrey Yao (USA) Gonads and germ cells
Prof Mike O’Neill (USA)  tba
 Dr Jenni Hetz (Australia)
Fast & Furriest: Influence of nutrition on growth axis maturation in the tammar wallaby
 Prof Rob Miller (USA)
Immune receptor innovation captured in marsupial and monotreme genomes
 Dr Paul Waters (Australia)  tba
 Dr Janine Deakin (Australia)
Marsupial Chromosomics: bridging the gap between genomes and chromosomes
 Prof John Funder (Australia)  tba
 Prof John Hearn (Australia)  The Top End – Pituitary Prospects
 Prof Marty Cohen (USA)  tba
 Prof Claire Roberts (Australia) The Dynamic Placenta
Dr Jane Fenelon How to stop and restart an embryo: diapause around the world
Dagmar Wilhelm A new candidate gene for disorders/differences of sex development